Take Construction Management to New Heights

Nexobuild is an innovative and intuitive approach towards construction management which is designed to accumulate all aspects of construction in one place to save your time and budget.

Budget Analysis

Nexobuild creates a template of all the tasks and scope of work as per Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Masterformat and provides a detailed breakdown of scopes of work. Our Budgeting module enables builders to take advantage of this detailed breakdown to allocate and revise budgets for each scope of work. Once the total project budget is set, users can print or export to spreadsheet as a proposal.

nexobuild cost tracking

Cost Tracking

Manage invoices and purchase orders by entering their information to the applicable item of work and attach documents to the relevant item. Using our iOS or Android application on your mobile device, simply take pictures of the documents and attach them to corresponding item of work.

Contract Management

Manage and organize quotations and convert them to contracts in order to substantiate the budget for each item of work. Once quotations are saved as contracts, payment terms can be set up so that first payments and subsequent payments can be scheduled.

Nexobuild contract management
Nexobuild loan and finance management

Project Financing

Nexobuild is suitable for any type of project financing calculation and loan management. Equity contributions, mortgage payments, loan interest, and loan advance calculations can be closely monitored. Progress draw module calculates loan claim amounts based on work in place, project cost to complete, and previously advanced loan amount.

Document/ Images

Nexobuild provides an organized and secure platform for document management. With Nexobuild documents can be managed more efficiently and productively. Simply attach plans, contracts, invoices, reports, photos, and videos to corresponding item of work. Documents will be saved and classified in our secure cloud storage and can be accessed from “Documents” module conveniently.

Nexobuild document management
Nexobuild scheduling


Our scheduling application has been designed so construction scheduling and setting up reminders conveniently and efficiently. Simply create a schedule once project budget has been set up. Allocate time to each task and analyze project duration.