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Our community of builders use Nexobuild cloud to grant access of their projects' data to their site supervisors, subcontractors, and customers.
They can view or edit preselected aspects of a project at their fingertips anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

What is Nexobuild
Integrating all aspects of construction in one place.

Nexobuild software has been developed based on research performed on 100s of projects to help home builders successfully deliver their project on-time and on-budget without sacrificing the quality of the job.

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Nexobuild Helps

Reducing Liabilities

Keep record of expenses, contracts, documents, and budget revisions

Obtain Visibility

Take full control of project progress, expenditure, time, and performance.

Cross Platform

Connect to your projects' data anytime and from anywhere.

Lower Costs

Spend less on accounting and gain more on accuracy and efficiency.

Improving Teamwork

Collaborate with your colleagues about every detail of project conveniently.

Saving Time

Organizing, storing, and searching for project and business data.


Construction Budget Analysis

Nexobuild tracks the total expense accrued to date for each task and reminds users when the project costs are exceeding the original budget. Site supervisors can send daily logs as well as upload pictures of projects progress.

Import budgets

Copy existing budgets

Start from scratch

Infinite flexibility

The hub for all your communication and work.

Nexobuild is where your team can come together to get stuff done.


Document Control

Nexobuild provides an organized and secure platform for document management. Users can directly attach plans, contracts, invoices, reports, photos, and videos to the corresponding item of work.


Contract Management

Manage, organize and send RFQs for each line of the project budget to trades and suppliers and convert the approved quotations to contracts.


Schedule & Task Management

Schedule & Task Management Project managers can efficiently allocate duration to each task and analyze project timeline.


Dashboard & KPIs

Dashboard is the home to project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It acts as a hub for project managers to have a glance at how well each project is performing.


Subcontract Management
Succeed with peace of mind

Nexobuild tracks projects' subcontract for time, money, and quality of work.
It aggregates the work completed, in progress and planed. It also visualize the cost to date and cost to complete for each subcontract.

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