Why Nexobuild?

Conventionally, builders and renovators keep paper copies of receipts and documents. Spreadsheets are widely used by builders to help them track expenses and create budget estimates. There are also builders that keep project documents and photos for future references. Estimating project completion time is usually highly dependent on just builder’s expertise and it is especially difficult to associate project delays with costs. To get reimbursed for the project expenses, frequently many documents need to be sent back and forth to the project owner by mail/email. Reporting and documenting projects is typically limited to the mandatory inspection reports. All these challenges add burden to the busy schedule of builders.

Nexobuild software has been developed based on a research performed on 100s of projects to help home builder’s successfully deliver their project on-time and on-budget without sacrificing the quality of the job.

  1. Nexobuild is embedded in the residential home building Intelligence. For example, when you create a project in Nexobuild, by default 100s of standard hierarchal categories and tasks would be provided for you to help you start with in an easy way to understand and communicate. The majority of a project’s data will be allocated to these categories and tasks making them organized and easily searchable. Nexobuild also calculates loan and cash advance as well as partners contributions.

  2. Builders and renovators can easily collaborate and communicate with internal and external team members all within the application. For example, a picture taken on-site can be instantly shared with head office, subcontractors and/or owners. Defining access for your team members keeps them up to date on various areas of the project hence eliminating unnecessary communications.

  3. Expense tracking in Nexobuild is more efficient than a spreadsheet. Nexobuild tracks expenses accrued to date for each task and warns users when they are exceeding the original task budget. Builders know at any time the total amount of paid taxes as well as the rebatable amount to be claimed. Receipts and proof of payments will be attached to each expense.

  4. Nexobuild users are home builders, not tech savvy IT professionals. Even though it is a feature rich application, it presents all its features in a simple user interface to builders, helping them find features they need without unnecessarily overwhelming them with various types of information.

  5. The On-cloud nature of Nexobuild makes it device independent and safe. So if you and your team members have a mobile device in your pocket with internet access, you have all of your projects’ data as well and you will never worry about losing them. Accessibility becomes exponentially beneficial as the project size and number of projects grow.

  6. If you are one of the many house builders who like keeping project files in folders, you can do so in Nexobuild but instead of folders you would have the ability to attach them to the exact entity (such as contract, reports, expense, budget, contribution….) that they belong. This eliminates the need to browse hundreds of files to find a particular file. For example, pictures of concrete framing for the 888 West 16th project that you finished last year or a contract you signed with roofing company for the 564 Cordova St.

  7. Conventionally, builders don’t schedule a single home building project. Reason being, to get involved with project scheduling requires a steep learning curve and extensive software such as MS Project or Primavera, none of which is designed to the scope of a single family home project. Nexobuild applies concepts of large scale construction project and simplifies them to suite a small team to understand and follow. This way builders know from early on (and as project advances) which tasks are potentially on critical path and which ones on more relaxed timeline.

  8. Builders usually log a diary of projects which can be used as a means to document it as well as a learning reference for future builds. Reports in Nexobuild are a shared repository of daily logs, inspection reports, notes to keep in mind and snapshots of what happened when and why. And as always, they are organized and linked to each task and categories and can be found in a few seconds.

The Nexobuild application has put together various tools builders and renovators needs into one package to reduce their concerns of making mistakes when prioritizing tasks, performing calculations or communicating information. Improving a home contractor’s look Nexobuild is being used as a marketing tool presenting a more professional appearance to customers, banks, investors, and subcontractors.